For patients with Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS), tracking and managing health and parenteral nutrition is essential. Takeda has developed myPNtracker to bring best-in-class support to SBS patients around the world.

myPNtracker is both a downloadable app, for patients and caregivers, and an online portal for Healthcare Professionals (HCP).

The app enables patients or their caregivers to keep an electronic diary of data that is important for SBS patients, no matter where they are on their PN journey.

Healthcare Professional Login

Record changes to the body
Track what’s going in
Track what’s coming out
Monitor changes and trends

Working together

By turning on the app’s sharing feature, information can be confidentially shared with HCPs that have registered for an online account at

Download myPNtracker

Available on the iPhone AppStore Available on the iPhone AppStore

myPNtracker makes it quick and easy to capture the data that matters.

Discover myPNtracker

Hear from HCPs and patients about their experience and discover the
features and benefits of myPNtracker.

myPNtracker for Patients and Caregivers

Capture the information for over 15 key types of data – from general wellness and overall physical changes to fluid input and bodily output.
See trends in data – select data types and see a graphical display of changes over time.
Control who else can see your data – information can be shared with caregivers, who have the app, and HCPs who are registered for an online account at myPNtracker. Most importantly you are in control. Data is always encrypted, and sharing can be enabled or disabled only by you.
Caregivers can download the app to view shared data and experience myPNtracker the way patients do – without the ability to enter or edit data.
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myPNtracker for HCPs

Register quickly and easily to create your myPNtracker online account.
All HCPs are verified before they are granted an account.
Your patients can then select your account to share their information confidentially and securely with you.
Patients can share data with multiple HCPs, so they can be confident their entire team is kept up to date.
Once logged in, HCPs can see which patients have posted new data, choose to get notifications, and track changes in real time.
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Download myPNtracker
Available on the iPhone AppStore Available on the iPhone AppStore
The myPNtracker app and web portal are funded, developed,
and maintained by Takeda, a pharmaceutical company.